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Karen Kramer

A Mother’s Lifetime of Searching 
-Published May 28, 2015

Karen Kramer pulled her wide-eyed, 22-year-old daughter, Becky, into a hug. She held her daughter tight, so she could hear her heart beating rapidly. As Karen kissed her daughter’s blonde head, tears rolled down Karen’s cheeks onto Becky’s pale, bruised skin. The two sat for hours, talking and crying. Karen begged Becky to stay. To stay there in her embrace and never leave. Karen told Becky that if she left, she feared the next time she would see her was in a body bag…


The Price of a Dream 
-Published September 24, 2015

COLUMBIA — Melinda Olson stares at the bar, rearranges the mat beneath it, exhales and jumps.
She reaches for the bar with both hands, grabs it and swings like a pendulum.
Then she takes a deep breath, lets go and flings her body into one final, fast spin, landing squarely on her feet.
Triumphant, Melinda throws her hands in the air and bows to the bar as if it were a well-matched opponent she has defeated.
Nearby, her coach smiles and nods, obviously pleased with the routine.
“She is a tough gymnast who works hard and is one of our younger ones,” said Rodney Gust, who owns Elevate Gymnastics and Fitness where Melinda trains.
She is just 9 years old…



Rwandan Genocide Survivor Tells his Story
– Published May 5, 2014

Neighbors murdering loved ones, friends killing family, cannibalism, trusted figures throwing you to your death; this is too much for most to bear. On April 9 Gilbert Sezirahiga, a Rwanda genocide survivor and deputy director of SMILE AGAIN, came to UW-Milwaukee and told how he overcame the unthinkable…


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