Multimedia Work

Tiffany’s Best Work:


The Fools Journey – 5 of Cups
Video shot by Tiffany Crouse. Music and editing by Elizabeth DeYoe

SIFI and the Cold War

A short documentary about the role science fiction played during the cold war.

Other samples of Tiffany’s Multimedia Work:

Audio Slidshow- Allen’s Flowers

Tina Bradley is a master designer at Allen’s Flowers Inc. in Columbia, Missouri. She loves creating floral arrangements not just for a creative outlet but because it made people happy and that what it is all about Bradley said.

Video Work

Yappy Hour

People and their dogs came out to Twin Lakes Recreational Area for food and beer on a sunny Saturday, April 16, 2016. Columbia Parks and Recreation and their partners put together this first annual Yappy Hour. It was a day full of sunshine, beer, and dogs. Food trucks and local businesses set up inside the park for the three-hour event. Chris Petner, a Nurse manager at University of Missouri Hospital, sat down and watched as dogs where tested at an agility course. The course was set up by Columbia Canine Sports Center, where Elizabeth Dinkins is a Volunteer trainer.

Widmer’s Cheese Cellers

Joey Widmer, 26, is showing a group around his family’s cheese factory in Theresa, Wisconsin on Monday, March 28, 2016. Widmer is the fourth generation of cheese maker in his family and has been working at the factory since he was 12-years-old. Widmer will soon take over for his dad, Joe Widmer. The Widmers are the only cheese factory in Wisconsin still making brick cheese in the traditional way.  “Other manufactures make brick cheese, but they don’t use bricks. It is kind of like the difference between grandma’s donuts and Dunkin’ Donuts, if its authentic or commercialized” Joey Widmer said.

What is Dagorhir

Stephen Rawlings, 28, his unit, and some passersby’s practice Live Action Role Playing at Peace Park in Columbia, Missouri on Sunday, April 3, 2016. Rawlings has been a part of Dagorhir, a version of LARP, for eight years. He details what makes Dagorhir different and his own journey into his love of the sport. 

Samples of my audio work:

Audio Slideshow- Freeze Your Flanks Off

The unit Everwatch of the Stonewater Marches chapter from Columbia, Missouri,  went to the first battle of their Live Acton Role Playing season on Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016. The annual day battle was called Freeze Your Flanks Off. Attending this battle was a tradition for the group and they were shocked at the turn out of about 180 people. The moderates of the battle attributed the high turn out to the 70 degree weather. “High of 65 today at FYFO, more like sweat your flanks” Stephen Rawlings, the chapter administrator, said. Rawlings said he was proud of how his unit did and describes what being a good team is all about (1:26).

Laura Cutts and Stephen Rawlings

Laura Cutts, 19, and Stephen Rawlings, 28, are members of Everwatch, a Dagorhir unit based out of Columbia, Missouri. Dagorhir is a subset of Live Acton Role Playing with a focus on fighting without magic.  Dagorhir is a male dominated sport with systemic issues of gender disparity built into the game. Epic Glory and Mannhood in Dagorhir, in Indiana, Pennsylvania, states that these systemic issues stem from the celebration of archaic ideas of manhood which leave women’s contributions to the sport seen with less value. The culture, the weapons, and down to the clothing that women can buy all have barriers to success for women in the group.

Milwaukee Follies with Amelia Morris and Melisa Vessel

Faces of UW-Milwaukee – Britney Donald